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We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

At Central Georgia Vein Center, our philosophy is simple – we believe in providing the highest quality, personalized healthcare to achieve proven results using the most advanced technologies and procedures, including sclerotherapy, endovenous laser and radiofrequency ablation and vascular surgery. We are always striving to enhance your patient experience. We understand the stressors of having a condition that requires treatment, as well as the anxieties and fears about undergoing procedures and the expectation of a successful outcome. Our caring and exceptionally trained vein specialists are committed to providing only the best care, every time, with every patient.

Top Notch Georgia Vein Doctors and Specialists
To ensure your visit to Central Georgia Vein Center is unparalleled, we appoint to each client a caring and knowledgeable team of the best medical professionals in their respective fields, each of whom is individually dedicated to providing our patients with the best possible care.

CGVC’s level of expertise, combined physician experience and highly specialized staff of vein specialists means that clients are unlikely to find more comprehensive and personalized care for your varicose veins and arteries in Georgia. We understand the complexities of your condition, and are able to ascertain the best possible treatment based on years of experience and maintaining excellence in the field of new research.

Our expert vein doctors are trained to evaluate the underlying cause(s) of your condition and carefully evaluate your individual case. From a careful and thorough history and assessment of your symptoms and clinical diagnosis, Central Georgia Vein Center for vein restoration in Macon can develop the optimal plan to successfully treat your vascular condition, improve your vascular functionality and quality of life.

We use only the most up-to-date and effective advancements in vascular medicine combined with a sound approach to the prevention, treatment and recovery, for your health care concerns.

At Central Georgia Vein Center, your experience and care is of utmost importance to us and we pledge ourselves to making your visit a pleasant and successful one.

Our Team


Mary M

Dr. Kingman listens to me before assessing the problem. Uses minimal intervention first. An incremental approach. Encourages active patient involvement in treatment.

Winnie T

Dr.Ellis is a very compassionate well trained cardiologist.As my doctor he listens to my concerns and treats me with respect even though I know nothing about the workings of the heart.I am very confident he is one of the best heart specialist in the middle Ga. area.I highly recommend Dr.Ellis!

Terry W

The greatest bunch of doctors and staff you could ever want. You get in and out quickly and get great care and attention.